Shooting a Dark Horse (Pablo Fuentes Fernández) Spain

Disparo a un caballo
Pablo Fuentes Fernández
España.  41 min.  2018

María has returned to the house where she grew up after twelve years without going. There she can get a lot of material for her new photography exhibition. Everything is perfect until one night, a noise coming from the floor below catches Maria’s attention. She feels that all the people of that village hide something, including Luis, her only friend and with whom she shares a small story of summer love. Every day that passes everything is stranger and the noises coming from the floor below are stronger every night.

Pablo Fuentes Fernández

Pablo Fuentes Fernández was born in León in 1997. Since childhood he was fascinated by the world of cinema and made a multitude of tests with his camera. Before starting college he studied an artistic secondary where he finally decided that he would dedicate himself professionally to the cinema. In 2016 he began his training in Master of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, which he is still studying. In 2017 premiered his first short film called “ZOC”, as the final student film. And in 2018 he has just presented his latest short film called “Shooting a Dark Horse”.



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