Szmota,s Mistress (Adam Uryniak) Poland. Official Section

Szamota,s Mistress
Adam Uryniak
Poland.  2017.  46 min

The story about Józef Szamot, a notary who arrives in an abandoned manor in Różowola. His task is to estimate the value of the property. The last owner, count Kalergis, has the opinion of freak among the locals, and different stories are told about him until today. Theophilus, former count’s butler, is in charge of the manor. Main character spends a few days in the property. In the course of his work, he encounters a portrait of a beautiful woman and an old diary of the count. Manor’s atmosphere strongly influences Szamota. The man slowly forgets about his work and is more and more devoted to discovering the secrets of Różowola. One night, a woman from the portrait comes to Szamota. They spend an intoxicating night together. In the morning, there is no trace after his lover, so the man suspects that her “visit” was just a dream, which was influenced by a large amount of consumed wine. Yet another strange events indicate that in the palace, apart from Szamota and Teofil, is also someone else. Main character decides to discover the secrets hidden in the walls of Różowola at any cost.


Adam Uryniak, a graduate of the Crakow School of Film and Audiovisual Communication, tells us about his various film productions and the latest film project – “Szamota’s Mistress” by Stefan Grabiński, and wonders about the state of horror film in Poland.

In the words of the director :  “The first video I did for fun, with friends with whom I studied film theory. We named ourselves Butcher’s Films. The initiative has grown, with each film we learned something new and eventually, most of us took up film in a professional way. In the heroic times of the Butcher’s Film, we were actors ourselves, as well as sound engineers, operators, and if necessary, even make-up artists, so we know the ins and outs of working in different dimensions, we are still supporting ourselves in a similar way. I was attracted to directing in the first place. I made a few short films, and in 2011 I directed a full-lenght film called “Zniknięcie”, based on a short story by Olga Tokarczuk.”


Adam Uryniak :