Lal Darja (Buddhadeb Dasgupta). Retrospective. Imagineindia 2018

Lal Darja
Buddhadeb Dasgupta
India. 1997. 97 min

Middle-aged Calcutta dentist Nabin Batta (Subhendu Chatterjee) confronts various psychological and physical problems: His wife Bela (Gulsan Ara Akhtar) no longer sleeps with him, and he suspects her of having an affair with a man from her past. He is experiencing a loss of sensation in his arms and legs, and he finds communication impossible with his college-age son. On his way to see a doctor, he witnesses a woman shot by a jealous husband, increasing his own anxiety about his wife. In this downward spiral,

He compared his situation with his driver Dinu who had two wives, Sukhi (Nandini Maliya) and Maloti (Indrani Haldar). Dinu’s wives were satisfied with him and they had no complaints about Dinu. Nabin tried to understand himself. Most of the time he thought about his childhood in Cherrapunji and the red coloured gate which he thought obeyed him. His mother said that the gate had a huge tolerance and Nabin compared himself with the red coloured gate. Ultimately, after departing from his wife and son, he raised his tolerance to a maximum stage and started to live alone with himself.