Newton (Amit V. Masurkar) India. Official Section

Amit V. Masurkar
India.2017. 145 min

Newton is a serious-minded young civil servant who decides to prove his dedication to the democratic ideal by volunteering for a gig no one else wants — overseeing a ramshackle polling station in the middle of a rebel-infested nowhere, so that a handful of locals can participate in an election about which they know little and care less. Earlier scenes have already established him as a man of unyielding principle who is nonetheless caught between tradition and progressiveness: He rejects a marriage arranged by his doting parents once he discovers the girl is underage. But Newton will find his ethical rigidity bent to the breaking point in the jungle, with a motley crew of assistants, including irreverent old-hand Loknath and Malko, a pretty young local woman brought in to facilitate and translate for the villagers, who don’t understand Hindi.


Amit V. Masurkar, director of Newton, India’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, was bitten by the film bug while studying engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology. He got hooked to cinema from across the world at the illegal video parlours outside the campus. Masurkar dropped out of the course, and his film journey began.

Amit is born and brought up in Mumbai and studied in IES School, Dadar.  He dropped out of an engineering course at Manipal Institute of Technology at the age of 20 to pursue filmmaking. He later acquired a BA degree in History from Mumbai University.


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