Blockage (Mohsen Gharaei) Iran. Official Section

Mohsen Gharaei
Iran.2017. 82 min

As an enforcement official, Qassem has to combat illegal street hawking in Tehran, but he mainly uses his position to extort money from traders. Now that his boss has noticed and announced his sacking, Qassem has to look for an alternative source of income.
He knows there’s a lot of money in recycling, so he wants to buy a truck using his father-in-law’s bequest as a down-payment. His wife wants to spend the money on a house, so they won’t have to bother her sister’s family any more, but behind her back, Qassem presses on with his risky plan.

In this solo directing debut by Mohsen Gharaei, corruption and hypocrisy set the tone. “Don’t tell anyone I said that” is a regular incantation. The nerve-racking plot development is largely due to Qassem’s impulsive and hot-headed character. He’s certainly not the only one who has trouble doing the right thing – even when no one happens to be watching.


Mohsen GHARAEI (1984, Iran) is a graduate of Mining Engineering. In 2006, he started his film career as an assistant director, working with prestigious Iranian filmmakers such as Bahram Bayzai, Reza Mirkarimi, Majid Majidi and Mohsen Abdolvahab. Next to directing, he has worked on casting, editing and line production for various film projects. Gharaei co-directed his first feature film Don’t Be Tired! (2013) with Afshin Hashemi. Gharaei’s first independently directed feature Blockage (2017) won the award for Best Film in the New Currents section of the Busan International Film Festival.


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