According to her (Estelle Artus) Official Section

According to her
Estelle Artus
U.S.A.  2016.  90 min.
Cast:   Irina Abraham, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Pascal Escriout

Just before reaching the summit of glory, Veronica happily leaves her career as a pianist to take care of her son. Despite the pressure of her husband Paul, a French stockbroker, he sets aside the concerts to devote himself completely to his mothering facet. However, without a salary or independence job, Veronica is becoming more dependent on her husband and then arises a feeling of personal dislocation. After meeting Amanda, a promising and seductive young pianist attracted by Paul, he rethought the idea of returning to the stage. The harmony between love, motherhood and musical career seems to be impossible in this obscure account of a young russian woman trying to keep the balance between rich french expatriates in New York.


Estelle Artus is a French born film director and screenwriter living in New York. She graduated with a PhD from Sorbonne University in Paris where she taught visual arts as Associate Professor. In Paris, Estelle won acclaim for her short films: “Domestic Underground”, “Ring Road”, “I love Korea and Korea loves me”, “Play Again” and “Where it Clicks”. In 2007 Estelle moved to New York and worked for the museum of modern art (MOMA). In 2016 Estelle co-produced and directed her debut feature:  According to Her, which premiered at Cinequest Film Festival. She has been nominated for the NBC Universal Emerging Director Program the same year.