Cold of Kalandar (Mustafa Kara) Official Section

Cold of Kalandar
Mustafa Kara
Turkey.  2016.  130 min.
Cast :   Haydar Sisman, Nuray Yesilaraz, Hanife Kara.

The film is a rural drama about the struggle of a Turkish family against adversity. Mehmet lives with his wife, mother-in-law and children (one of them with disabilities) in a rickety hut in the mountains. Once found some gold stones in the back of the mountains and from then he wanders in the hope of finding again and carrying a nearby mining and thus be able to get his family out of misery. Meanwhile, the time is passing without obtaining results for the despair of his wife. The film was filmed during four seasons, and these are the ones that determine the rhythm and the mood of the protagonists. We could say that it is the struggle of the human against nature.


Mustafa Kara, was born in 1982 and graduated from the Department of Radio and Television at Cumhuriyet University. His debut was with HOPE ISLAND (2007), which was a co-production between Turkey and the UK. In 2009 he founded Karafilm Production with Nermin Aytekin. Kalandar’s Cold (2015) is his second feature, fruit of years of work in many other documentary films and commercials.

Director’s note
“Cold of Kalandar” arises from a “narrative passion”, tells a story away from the artificiality in a sincere, realistic and consistent way. Our main goal is to show small dramas, ordinary stories, family and neighborhood relationships, relationships between nature, animals and humans in a remote mountain village and the interior of the Black Sea region to make modern man feel the meaning of these relationships staying in reality while using the technical and aesthetic potential of the film is an outstanding feature of this film.