The Silence (Gajendra Ahire) Official Section

The Silence
Gajendra Ahire
India. 2015. 90 min
Cast : Nagraj Manjule, Anjali Patil, Raghuvir Yadav

Venue :  Casa Asia
Date :  19 may.  19.30h

The film is based on a true story of a little girl Chini in rural Maharashtra. Her father has been going through difficult times since the demise of his wife. He is at a loss when his daughter gets her first period and asks her maternal uncle to take her to a nearby town, where he and his wife live. The events after her departure require a great deal of endurance even from an emotionally hardened viewer. There is a myriad of emotions stirring up in one’s mind ranging from fury, helplessness and frustration to a seed of hope and inevitability of the passing.