Four women (Adoor Gopalakrishnan)

Adoor Gopalakrishnan
India. 2007. 100 min

The four stories that Adoor has used are  The Prostitue, the Virgin, the Housewife and the Spinster. Each of these stories depicts a woman who is fighting the established male dominated order. In the Prostitute  Padmapriya plays the role of the prostitute who finds it very difficult to enter matrimony with a man she loves. The Virgin is the story of a girl played by Geetu Mohandas who innocently walks into a loveless marriage with an impotent man. The Housewife is the story of a woman (Manju Pillai)  who is desperate to have a child. She even considers a rather bold step to ensure she gets the child she so badly wants. The Spinster is about a woman who decides not to get married and fights convention courageously. The role is played by Nandita Das.