In the mood for love (Aakriti Kohli, Sandeep Singh) Documentaries

In the mood for love
Aakriti Kohli, Sandeep Singh
India. 2015. 28 min                                                                                                             PSBT

A story of people who have lived and loved.
This film explores queer love and relationships, and looks at the notion of togetherness, love, sexuality, and illegality with reference to the LGBTQ community. The film documents stories of individuals and partners who turn an inward gaze and reflect on themselves, the community and the movement. Foregrounding their everyday life and work, the film looks at the experience of living in a city, having a relationship and the very concept of a family. Finally the film prods us to question the overarching powers of the state in defining, policing and regulating people, and popular discourse, which dismisses LGBTQ rights as trivial and unimportant.