Island City (Ruchika Oberoi) Official Section

Island City
Ruchika Oberoi
India. 2015. 108 min.
Cast : Tanishta Chatterjee, Ashwin Mushran, Vinay Pathak

Venue :  Filmoteca Española
Date : 20 may.  20.30h

Island City is a film in three parts. Suyash wins the office ‘Fun Committee Award’, entitling him to a whole day of fun at the mall. However, things go wrong and he ends up doing a horrendous, unthinkable thing. It does turn out to be a fun day for Suyash after all! Anil is on life support. His devastated family decides to bring home that object banned from the house – the TV. The family now, each night, plugs into the popular soap ‘Purshottam – The Ideal Man’, and gradually begins to replace the domineering Anil with this fictional paragon. Suddenly then, comes the news that Anil’s condition is improving and that he will be home soon!