Son of Barren Land (Somnath Mondal) India

Dukhu Majhi, Son of Barren Land
Somnath Mondal
India. 2021. 28 min

This documentary is about an old man named ‘Dukhu Majhi‘, who lives with his family in a remote village at the foothill of the Ayodhya , about 350 km from Kolkata (India). In summer, the temperature in that area rises up to 50 degrees Celsius. This grey-haired old man has established an identity of his own. He spends most of his time planting trees and caring for them. He moves on an old bicycle with two canisters, sacks, shovels, burned wood and saplings.


Somnath Mondal has completed Bsc.(Honours) in Physics from Calcutta University and Post Graduate Diploma in Cinema (specialization with SRSE) from the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune (India) on the year 1993. He has worked as Assistant & Chief Sound Recordist in Mumbai and and Kolkata up to the year 2003. Presently, he has been working for Information Education Communication Division of Government of West Bengal, India since the year 2003. There, he has been making some TV spots /programs regarding Mass Education on Health issues. His script “Madan Veri” (a Docu feature on a dying musical instrument) got the best script writing award in the Chalachitram National Film Festival 2020.
The documentary “Dukhu Majhi – son of the barren land” his debut film. This film won the 2nd best documentary award at the Bengal International short Film festival 2022.