The Golden Wings of Watercocks (Muhammad Quayum) Bangladesh. Official Section

The Golden Wings of Watercocks
Muhammad Quayum
Bangladesh. 2022. 117 min

Bangladesh lies in a floodplain crisscrossed with numerous rivers and canals as well as hundreds of naturally occurring marshlands, known locally as haor and baor. Over 20 million people live in the haor region spreading across 7 districts of north-east Bangladesh. In monsoon, flash flood from upstream hills rushes on to overflow rivers and creeks to create a vast stretch of turbulent water. This extensive water body dries up slowly in 7 months after the monsoon and the land becomes cultivable when only a single crop of paddy can be harvested. There begins the race against time to bag this harvest before the monsoon submerges the land again.


Writer & Director Muhammad Quayum studied Economics in Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was a playwright and theatre director during his student life. Written and directed a number of stage and street dramas performed countrywide.

Gradually his focus shifted to the medium of cinema when as a long time film society activist he participated in film appreciation courses, assisted publication related to film theories and criticism of local and international films, organizing screening of classic and contemporary films for the promotion of film as a medium of art.