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The Marriage Project (A. Attarzadeh/H. Eslami) Iran

The Marriage Project
Atieh Attarzadeh / Hesam Eslami
Iran. 2020. 80 min

Encourage the patients from a mental hospital to form relationships with each other, get married and live as a family. That’s the bold new idea of the head of Ehsan House in Southern Tehran. For the past 20 years, its 480 patients have lived in separate male and female units. But in 2017, the head of the centre secured the money to build a new unit of marital facilities. As a selection committee begins evaluating patients, hidden affections come to the surface. Finally, the team selects two patients to form the first couple. Are these two patients capable of having a relationship that leads to marriage?

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Rituparna Sengupta, the Queen of Tollywood at Imagineindia

This damsel is Tollywood’s numero uno actress. This maiden has already created her signature in Bollywood. This woman is an entrepreneur who has to her credit a spate of successful television software and feature films. This dancer has mesmerised audience in India and abroad with her innovative choreographic ensembles. This lady is a silent support to a large number of charitable and social organizations in Bengal. She is all rolled into one name…..Rituparna Sengupta,the heartthrob of Bengali Filmdom.

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The Single Tumbler (Sivamohan Sumathy) Srilanka

The Single Tumbler
Sivamohan Sumathy
Srilanka. 2020. 74 min

The war between the Sri Lankan armed forces and the Tamil separatist group, Tigers is over. Lalitha returns to Sri Lanka, to the family she left behind in a time of great turbulence. Memories are hard and bitter. Why does mother cling to the single tumbler? Did Fatima curse them, when the Muslims were evicted by the militants? Why did Jude the brother disappear? What secrets do Jessie and Anthony hide? The Single Tumbler is a recuperation of life lived in pain and betrayal, seeking reconciliation, affirmation and hope.

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Chitrangada Satarupa, Jury Member at Imagineindia 2021

Born and brought up in a family of academicians and artists the inclination towards arts happened at a very early age. Association with theatre happened since 2010 from her hometown Calcutta with the eminent Bengali theatrician Bratya Basu. After moving to Bombay in 2013 got actively involved with many theatre productions directed by the stalwarts Manav Kaul, Makarand Deshpande and many more.
The first appearance on the national platform happened with stories by Rabindranath Tagore directed by Anurag Basu, as the protagonist of one of the episodes.

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Lyalin,s Home (Oksana Degtyaryova) Russia

Lyalin,s Home
Oksana Degtyaryova
Russia. 2020. 48 min

Olga Alexandrovna was an easy-going person. She was beautiful, lively, never wanted much from life but never missed what was coming her way. She was on good terms with everybody: her husband, her son, her lovers… It was only with her daughter Lena that her relationship was complicated. Lialia had a theory that infidelity served to strengthen marriage ties. Once a schoolmate dropped in to see her son. He attracted Lialia’s attention and shortly they became intimate. Their relationship could have gone on and on but once Lialia caught her young lover with her own daughter.

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Kanya (Apoorva Satish) India, Czechia

Apoorva Satish
India, Czechia. 2020. 15 min

Kanya intimately explores the inner dissonance of an adolescent girl who is experiencing puberty in a traditional Indian family. Kanya is a successful swimming champion with a promising career in sports. Her world collapses when she gets her first period and her family demands that she accepts the traditional status of a woman. Kanya‘s natural maturing along with her physical and psychological transformation are neglected by her close ones who also curb her freedom. On the outside, Kanya yields to all the demands and accepts her fate without objecting. However, she experiences deep trauma within. Kanya‘s inner disharmony escalates, leading her to finally muster the courage to revolt against the system that clearly defines and sets the standards of the conventional status of a woman.

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Gujiga (Sunjha Kim) S.Korea, Germany

GUJIGA- Ode to the Turtle
Sunjha Kim
S.Korea/ Germany. 2019. 19 min

A film by Sunjha Kim with Rikisaburo Sato (Cinematography) and Minhee Park (Music), based on a shamanic song “GUJIGA”, myths, symbols and glimpses into the natural phenomena of turtles are interwoven throughout this film, revealing violent human interventions into the life of this reptile. This film is an ode to the turtle and a reminder of the connection between animals and humans.

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