Fog (Natalia Gugueva) Russia. Official Section

Natalia Gugueva
Russia. 2023. 88 min

Camera operator Nastya goes to inaccessible weather station with meteorologist Andrei in order to investigate the disappearance of a couple of meteorologists. Subsequently she understands that Andrei was involved in the disappearance of this couple. But Andrei also suddenly discovers Nastya’s connection with the missing people.


Natalia Gugueva was born on 18.04.1964 in Ukraine. Film director, screenwriter, producer. Graduated from VGIK in 1998. In 2003, founded her own film company, the “VSTRECHA” film studio. Multiple winner and nominee of Russian national prizes, such as “TEFI”, “Laurel branch award”, “Nika”, “Golden Eagle”, “White Elephant “, winner of the Grand Prix and prize-winner of international and Russian festivals. Since 2009 has been working as Chief film director of the Documentary Film Directorate of the main Russian TV Channel JSC “Channel One”. Natalia Gugueva’s documentaries have been shown at such major international festivals as Visions du Réel , PRIX EUROPA, Docaviv , DocPoint, RIFF. Montecatini Short Film Festival, Golden Panda, etc.

2023 – “Fog”, full-length film \ debut
Moscow International Film Festival (2023, Russia, Moscow)
Arctic International Film Festival «Golden raven» (2023, Russia, Anadyr)

2023 “FOG” feature
2022 – “UNseparation”, documentary
2018 – “Witnesses Of Love”, documentary
2016 – “Overdrive. Return Point”, documentary
2013 – “Who is this Kusturica?”, documentary
2011 – “Vysotsky Alive”, documentary
2011 – “Life is Always Specific”, documentary
2010 – “Heroin. The South Wind”, documentary
2008 – “Smile of Gagarin”, documentary
2007 – “Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi. The Last Kiss”, documentary
2006 – “Passions on Solzhenitsin”, documentary
2005 – “Timur. The Last Flight”, documentary
2004 – “Kostya Tszyu. Be number one! “, documentary
2004 – “Marta”, documentary
2003 – “Family of Clowns”, documentary
2001 – “Overdrive”, documentary
1999 – “Two and One”, documentary