In the Form of Love (Siavash Asadi) Iran. Official Section

In the Form of Love
Siavash Asadi
Iran. 2023. 123 min

This is the story of a mother want to save her daughter’s reputation in a small village. On the heels of an unexpected trauma, Forough and her 16-year-old daughter, Atieh, go to Rassoul’s house , an old friend of Atieh’s dead father.
In the full throes of adolescent puberty and yearning for love, Kamran, Rassoul’s 14-year- old son, is instinctively drawn to Atieh. Little does he know that his father has hatched a plan that will shatter their lives.


The writer of cinema and television, as well as the director of Iranian cinema, has so far written several works in the field of screenwriting. He was born on 14/09/1978 in Tehran. He says that he loves his country and is more compassionate than many. The films of Siavash Asadi Some famous films of Siavash Asaadi in the cinema:


  • Around the highway
  • Pocket on South Street
  • Darkhoongah


Many years ago, when I was ten years old, my friends and I used to run away from school and go to the cinema. A small local cinema in the vicinity of the square, which showed big movies. In that cinema, my ears rang, my eyes cried and my lips trembled, and it was there that my heart rose in my chest to be infinite love. Years have passed, there is no more that cinema, nor those movies, and I am not that ten- year-old child Everything has changed, but I am still like that ten-year-old child who dreams of the screening in the small local cinema between smoke, light and white screen. I think “in the form of love” is the dream of the same tune.