Whispering Mountains (Jagath Manuwarna) Sri Lanka. Official Section

Whispering Mountains
Jagath Manuwarna
Sri Lanka. 2022. 87 min

A virus is spreading across Sri Lanka, reportedly causing young people to commit suicide. The Disease Control Unit promises containment of this terrifying pandemic by any means necessary, citing supernatural forces that only ancient healing rituals can vanquish. As parents mourn the deaths and disappearances of their children, government henchmen prepare the bodies and the remaining living prisoners for a cleansing of disturbing proportions.

NETPAC award for Best Asian Feature Film at IFF of Rotterdam.


Jagath MANUWARNA (1980, Sri Lanka) is an actor, screenwriter and director across theatre, film and TV. He had roles in Karma (2010), Ayu (2020) and episodes of the TV series Koombiyo in 2017 and 2018. His directed his first short film Speck of Fire in 2006, which won the Best Short Film at the Guerilla Short Film Festival in Sri Lanka. His second short Water Lily also experienced success, winning the Best Short Film and the Human Rights Award at the Agenda 14 Short Film Festival in 2011. Whispering Mountains (2022), selected for IFFR 2023, is his feature-length directorial debut.