Morse (Ronak Jafari) Iran

Ronak Jafari
Iran. 2022. 25 min

Three ex-political prisoners, all of them once sentenced to death, gather to summon the ghost of Khosrow, one of their old comrades. It’s said that Khosrow had committed suicide in prison, but now would they find a way to the truth in their reunion?


Ronak Jafari was born in 1989 in Tehran into an artist family. Daughter of a documentary filmmaker father and an actress mother, Jafari spent her childhood behind the scenes of Iranian films. She also appeared in some of his father’s films. At 19, she made a one-minute film which entered local festivals and brought her awards and recognition. She made eight documentaries and two short films. Her first short film, DOUBLE, was selected in different film festivals such as Moscow (Russia), Kine Nova (Macadonia), Bilbao – Zinebi (Spain), Tehran (Iran), IRANCI – Iranian film festival in Prague ( Czech Republic), etc. MORSE is her second short film.


In my childhood, I often listened to my father’s youth memories which led to the imprisonment for his political activities: memories of his morsels with his cellmates; and memories of people in prison who ratted out their friends and comrades either for their own interests, such as free pardon and a bright future, or even under torture and pressure.

Later, when I grew up to be a filmmaker and observed my community closely, I turned to my memories and realized that there are still so many people living with moral vices and differences… there are still so many pseudo-comrades who may leave you alone in times of trouble and sell you for a price…