My Father,s Doctor (Danish Renzu) India

My Father,s Doctor
Danish Renzu
India. 2022. 17 min

My Father’s Doctor is a story of an unrequited love between an unlikely pair, the unexpected loss of it, and how one tries looking for hope while suffering. Every few days, Roohi hums Raj Begum’s songs outside of her houseboat, waiting for someone. Kabir arrives on a shikara and Roohi takes him in. Kabir has been Abbu’s (Roohi’s father) doctor for so long now that he’s treated like a son. One day, while preparing to leave, Kabir is stopped by Roohi, who hands him a flower – her expression of love. Kabir is taken aback a little.


Danish is a film director, whose work in direction and writing has received critical acclaim, whilst his work in drama specifically has earned him official selection in various film festivals and recognition in press and media. A graduate of the University of California Los Angeles, Danish was born in Kashmir, India. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering degree at UCLA and UCLA Writers’ Program certification in Screenwriting. His first independent feature film Half Widow (2017), received recognition receiving praise and raving reviews on various platforms all over the world. His second feature film The Illegal (2019), starring Academy winning ‘Life of Pi’ star Suraj Sharma as the lead, premiered at Austin Film Festival where it was nominated for ‘Best Feature in Narrative Section’ and won ‘Jury Award’ at Mumbai International Film Festival in 2019.

With no cinema in Kashmir, Danish Renzu hopes to inspire a new generation of Kashmiri filmmakers to practice their art as a force for unity in the conflicted region. He opened his own home production in Kashmir with a goal of reviving cinema back in the valley encouraging youth and local talent to pursue their dreams, also bring the lost culture, music, and traditions of Kashmir to a worldwide audience.