Geru Patra (Shristipal Singh) India

Geru Patra
Shristipal Singh
India. 2022. 21 min

Geru Patra tells the story of a 27-year- old typist, who sits outside the collectorate’s office . One day, his typewriter is taken under police custody as a letter containing information about an uprising is belived to have been written on it . Will he be able to explain and justify the real motive behind writing the letter and prove himself and his typewriter innocent ?


Shristipal Singh is an Indian writer and director, who graduated from Whistling Woods InternatIonal in Mumbai. His diploma film”POSTMAN” got selected for several film festivals. At present, it is streaming on disney+hotstar in india.

His recent short film “GERU PATRA” Wins Two Prestious awards for “BEST INDIAN SHORT FILM” at 27th Kolkata International Film Festival Organised by government of west bengal (27th KIFF2022) and 17th Mumbai international film festival(17th MIFF 2022) Organised by film division under ministry of infromation and broadcasting, govermnet of india And officially selected in international competition in 7th Jaffna international cinema festival, Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards 2022.


“GERU PATRA” is a poetic satire, which is very relevant and on a contemporary theme of the freedom of the individual played against a surreal kafkaesque atmoshphere.