Asia (Ruthy Pribar) Israel

Ruthy Pribar
Israel. 2020. 85 min

Asia,s motherhood has always been more of a struggle than an instinct. Having had his daughter when she was still a teenager marked her relationship with Vika from the beginning. Although they live together, both barely have contact with each other. Asia is now concentrating on her job as a nurse, while her daughter spends the day with her friends at the skate park. This routine changes drastically when Vika’s health begins to deteriorate. At that time, Asia must become the mother her daughter desperately needs. Her illness ends up becoming a unique opportunity to reflect the love that unites this small family.


Born in Israel in 1982, Ruthy Pribar graduated with honors from The Sam Spiegel Film School in 2012. During her studies she received a scholarship from “The America-Israel Cultural foundation” for promising director. Her short films LAST CALLS and THE CAREGIVER have both been screened at many international film festivals, garnering numerous awards. Alongside her work as a film director, Ruthy works as an editor on both fiction and documentary films.
Ruthy has participated with her work at Rotterdam’s CineMart, and is an alumna of the Cannes Festival Residency Program. Her work focuses on delicate moments of human emotions and interactions. ASIA is her debut feature film.