The Heiresses (Charlotte Diament) Belgium

The Heiresses
Charlotte Diament
Belgium. 2021. 56 min

In Brussels in the 1990s, people still dreamed of utopias and brotherhood between peoples. The school is a champion of multiculturalism, progress and equality. Four young girls from different backgrounds grow up in this context and project themselves into a happy society.
Thirty years later, they gather around one of them, who has become a filmmaker, to try to grasp the political and social tipping points between the dream world of childhood and the turmoil of contemporary life.


Charlotte Diament was born in 1985 in Brussels. After training at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Contemporary History and Performing Arts Analysis, she worked for a time in a Women’s House. Subsequently, she took part in setting up a neighborhood restaurant in which she worked for 7 years.
Having grown up and evolved in a neighbourhood marked by the great currents of immigration which cross Brussels, she remains imbued with questions linked to cultural mixes and to political and generational heritages.
These themes are at the heart of her first documentary, “The Heiresses”.