Maestro-A Portrait (Supriya Suri) India

Maestro A Portrait
Supriya Suri
India. 2021. 52 min

The film explores a cinematic portrait of the Maestro – Buddhadeb Dasgupta. It tries to capture the essence of the film maker by reflecting his life, spaces in Kolkata, poetry and paintings that are an integral part of his life.


Supriya studied film direction with French Art Scholarship in Paris. She started her career in 2009 as the founding member of Cinedarbaar in India. With her organization she has been involved in curatorial practices, film criticism and educational programmes in the eld of cinema. She wrote extensively for a film magazine-Indian Auteur & ran a cinema gallery- 13BCD, New Delhi. As a film curator & critic she was nominated by the U.S government for the IVLP to talk about Indian Films in the U.S.A. She currently runs her production company Maison Su and directs movies.

She has worked previously on a 52 min documentary on Buddhadeb Dasgupta commissioned by the Indian government & recently made a short film titled Boys From Hinterland.