A Winner (Mehdi Mahaei) Iran

A Winner
Mehdi Mahaei
Iran. 2022. 20 min

This film is about the story of a female filmmaker who lives and works in her mother’s greenhouse. After her film gets selected in a reputable film festival abroad, she is faced with problems to leave the country. She is on the verge of divorce from her husband but realizes she,s pregnant and can not divorce until the baby is born.


Mehdi Mahaei , Born in oct 1992 , Iran
holder of bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering from Imam Reza University . Short filmmaker & feature films assistant director.


We always have to pass obstacles to accomplish our ambitions and how unfortunate that these obstacles have been created by wrong legislation. The issue of the husband‘s consent to apply for a passport has always been a controversial issue in countries with traditional muslim cultures. We have seen many examples of successful women who were unable to go abroad to participate in Olympic Games or sports tournaments, film and music festivals and universities, etc., due to lack of their husbands’ consent. A woman in Iran who wants to exit the country, has to have her husband’s consent to get a passport and that creates many problems for a female citizen, whereas there is no such law for men. This inequality has prevented many women from growing, flourishing and reaching their goals and aspirations. Another issue that this film will address is the matter of choice. Choice between becoming a mother and spouse and forming a family and having a simple life or pursuing goals and aspirations? Which one has priorité over the other? Which is right and which is wrong? Could a general conclusion be reached for the validité of each choice? Could both be achieved, simultaneously? ls it possible to grow roots and sprout?