2000 Songs of Farida (Yolkin Tuychiev) Uzbekistan. Official Section

2000 Songs of Farida
Yolkin Tuychiev
Uzbekistan. 2020. 110 min

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there is civil war in Central Asia. The Emirate and khanates are about to collapse. The civilians live in the deepest fear of their uncertain future and of the imminent arrival of significant numbers of Bolsheviks. But that doesn’t seem to bother Kamil. This old renegade lives far away from … everything: his times, worldly concerns, society, the values of the rich and the poor. He wants something different. He wishes for something else. His only hope is to have a descendant. But time is a relentless persecutor. He brings a new young wife home as his other wives were unable to give him an heir. Tension inevitably appears.

“This film is neither a historical epic (…) nor a foray into my ethnic background, but the exploration of real life, real people, their reality, dignity and truth. That truth seems to flow out through time, grows and goes beyond the borders of history, mentality, nationality and race in order to reach a real sense of humanity. And as for me – the art of motion pictures is the best way to remember, comprehend and hope that we all are human beings in the flow of time.” Yolkin Tuychiev.


Yolkin Tuychiev was born in 1977. He is graduated from the Art Institute of Tashkent and from School of Directing of Moscow. En 2004, he co-directed The Tulip in the Snow with A. Chakhobiddinov, presented at the Cannes International Film Festival. In Vesoul, The Source won the Jury’s Special Mention in 2007, and P.S. the Golden Cyclo in 2011.


1999 : February
2003 : Tulip in the snow
2004 : Adolescent
2006 : The Source
2008 : Silence
2012 : Afg’on
2012 : Dunyo
2015 : House of mermaids
2016 : Ma’suma
2020 : 2000 Songs of Farida