Fortune (Anatoly Tarabrin) Russia

Anatoly Tarabrin
Russia. 2021. 19 min

Scriptwriter Sergey hasn’t gotten paid for his work for a long time. His wife gets furious and makes a scene, but Sergey unexpectedly gets a million rubles on the card. The wife is happy, Sergey feels like a hero. But while his wife is planning how to spend the money, Sergey bets on the result of the football match.


Anatoly Tarabrin was born in 1986 in Azov, Rostov region. He has got several degrees:
In 2006 he graduated from the Rostov School of Culture; in 2018 he graduated the Southern University Faculty of Economics; in 2020 he graduated the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation; in 2020 he graduated from the Workshop of the author, editor-in-chief, producer at the School of the Channel One Russia TV. In 2021 he graduated from the Arka Film School at the Higher School of Economics, after which he entered the New York Film Academy (Los Angeles).

2021 – The Gift / social, Russia. 1 min.
2021 – The Fortune / dark comedy, Russia. 18 min
2021 – The Greatest Robbery / dramedy, Russia. 30 min