Wen Cao wins Best Dop Award at Imagineindia 2021

Wen Cao Zhou. DOP of film ‘Cafe by the Highway’
In 2010, he graduated from the Cinematography department of Beijing Film Academy with a master’s degree, and worked as a DOP to shoot many feature films, among them, the film Memories Look at Me won the Golden Leopard Award at Locarno International Film Festival, and
the film Cafe by The Highway won the Best Actress Award for “Fei Mu Honor” at Pingyao International Film Festival, and was shortlisted for the main competition unit of Russian International Film Festival. The film Love You Forever won good box office and reputation.
The Series works include: web series Back in Time,the TV series Fearless Whispers, the TV series A Love Never Lost.
In addition to the creation of traditional feature films, he pay attention to various art forms and try the possibilities of various images . For example, working with artist Yang Fu Dong to film the black-and-white film Moving Mountains by Rolls-Royce Art Foundation, and the black-and-white film The Light That I Feel by Norwegian SALT Art Program, etc.