American Anomie (Shahriar Azim) USA

American Anomie
Shahriar Azim
USA. 2020. 25 min

Timir, a young south-Asian student attends a prestigious Los Angeles music academy, chasing his dream of becoming a classical composer. To scrape together money for tuition he manages a shady motel in South LA where he lives with his girlfriend, Sarah. He struggles to find meaning in his music when faced with the grinding poverty and depravity the motel residents experience each night. As he watches his dreams, his relationship, and his ambitions slip away, Timir finds himself at a crossroads.


Born and raised in Bangladesh, Shahriar Azim is an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. In 2010 he moved to Moscow after receiving a scholarship in Journalism. He made his first short documentary film “We are Global Citizen” (2014), a documentary that deals with the suffering caused by war and how traditional media helps to publicize the narrative of warmongers rather than stopping them down. In 2015 Shahriar made his second short Documentary Film “Freedom 404”, depicting journalism in Bangladesh.
After graduating from PFUR (2015), he branched out into fictional storytelling instead of working as a journalist and moved to Los Angeles. Since 2016 Azim continuously making various kinds of short films such as Osmosis (2016), Black beans (2017), Widh (2019).
“Widh” was screened in multiple film festivals and won the audience choice Award at Ojai short film festival (2020).