Here Lived and Worked… (Aleksey Krasnotcvetov) Russia

Here Lived and Worked…
Aleksey Krasnotcvetov
Russia. 2020. 24 min

Sergey, a worker of a small country town, tries to read the epigraph on the memorial board that has been set by his window on the wall of the house he lives in on the third floor. This board out of nowhere brings the spirit of adventure into the settled life of the typical Soviet neighbourhood. The way of achieving the goal turns out to be far more important than the goal itself. That is the story of a small, touching and funny feat.


Aleksey Krasnotcvetov- is an actor and director.
Graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts in 2008.
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art in 2019 with a degree in Film and Television Director.