Sergi and Irina (Miquel Verd, Alex Tejedor) Spain

Sergi and Irina
Miquel Verd, Álex Tejedor
Spain. 2020. 24 min

Raixa, June 21rst 1939. Sergi, the heir of the mansion falls in love with Irina, the mansion overseer’s niece, during the summer solstice party. Second World War previous circumstances force them to separate, but that night they arrange to meet next year, at the same place, at the same time. Will they keep their promise?


In 2007, Àlex is nominated to Max Prizes for “Tape”. In 2011 received 3 Prizes Escénica for “Algú Que Miri Per Mi”. In 2012 released his first short film “Lucifer” at Aguilar de Campoo Shorts Film Festival. He’s professionally worked as actor, director, screenwriter, and composer at many projects.

Miquel Verd is the owner and executive producer of Singular Audiovisual SL, a film and television production company, created in 2001 and located in Mallorca. He has produced and directed all kinds of film and television projects, for regional television IB3 and TVE.