Swopnodanay (Golam Rabbany Biplob) Bangladesh

Golam Rabbany Biplob
Bangladesh. 2007. 88 min

Mid-thirtees young man Fazlu. People call him “Kabiraj” (Rural Herbal Physician). Actually who is not a physician but only a canvasser (paddler). Fazlu and his 10 years old son Ratan sell ointments and allied harbal medicines in the village weekly markets by canvassing the virtues of the products. One evening Fazlu returns home with a second-hand trouser with a number of pockets for his son Ratan. His wife finds some foreign currency notes in its pocket while she was washing the trouser. They think that these currency notes to be of great value and huge money, but they are ignorent of how to exchange them. They seek help from Fazlu’s childhood friend Siraj. To encash the currency notes Fazlu and Siraj ride a ram shakle motor bike round one part to another part of the rugged Barendra Bhumi. Greed and high ambitions begin to allure them. Centering these currency notes three of them start to dream and imagine. One after another their dormant desires and deceptions begin to creep up and that changes the relationships among them.


Golam Rabbany BIPLOB was born in 1974 in Naogaon, a district of northern part of Bangladesh. His love for cinema has earned him an international reputation as a leading cine-club activist and film festival organizer. He was the Founder-Director of the International Film Festival Bangladesh and former Secretary-General and presently serving as Vice President of the International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS / FICC), the global umbrella of cine-clubs. He has been serving as a member of Board of Directors of Federation of Motion Picture Producers Association in Asia Pacific since 2005 and presently serving as Secretary General.

He received Best Director Award at Asian New Talent Competition at 10th Shanghai International Film Festival, 2007 and “Silver Peacock” Award at 38th International Film Festival of India-GOA, 2007 for his debut film SWOPNODANAY (On the Wings of Dreams) and Best Film Award at 8th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai-India, 2009 for his second film BRITTER BAIREY (Beyond the Circle). Both of his films were nominated for Bangladesh Submission to Foreign Language Competition Awards (Oscar) for “OSCAR”.


Best Director Award, Asian New Talent Competition, 10th Shanghai International Film Festival, 2007 for “On the Wings of Dreams.

“Silver Peacock” Award at 38th International Film Festival of India-GOA, 2007, for “On the Wings of Dreams.

Best Film, 8th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai-India, 2009, for “Beyond the Circle”.