Still (Anis Naseri) Iran

Anis Naseri
Iran.  2019.  14 min

The film is narrating two sisters living alone, Azi, the elder, and Anna, the younger.
Their mother passed away at Anna’s birthday. Azi was blaming her sister for her death and hated her for a while . Time passed by, Anna was growing up and she was resembling her mom more and more. Azi could not hate her anymore. She found her as her mother replacement and started playing a game with her. A dreadful Mom and Child game.


Anis Nasseri was graduated in B.A Persian Literature and M.A Cinema. She recieved the Gold Medal for 20 Iranian National Scientific Olympiad: Persian Literature, Iran.

She also attended at different cinema courses including Directing by Asghar Farhadi and Shahram Mokri. She was script writer and researcher for some short films.
Still is her directorial debut film which goes through a sisterhood story.


Family has been a considerable concern to me. I could neither leave it away nor absorb it utterly. I think that most complicated family relationship is my relationship with my mother. My mother was and still is a tough woman. I wished I could set up close relationship with her. My sister behaves like my mother. Our sisterhood emerged out then. She takes the duty to go through the unfinished role of my mother. When I grew up, I become curious to figure out the relationships. In this film, we see the relationship of two sisters in the absent of their mother. All of us have left our mothers behind. The mother that we knew them in our childhood, a happy mother who walked fast or listened to us …. STILL makes a review of such motherhood and sisterhood relationship. Let’s say : it goes through the STILLS, quoted by Shamlou, a great Iranian poet.