Ellipsis (Raunaq Das, Abhirup Halder) India

Raunaq Das,  Abhirup Halder
India.  2019.  17 min

A young couple spends a long night on the road, floundering about in abandoned memories.


Abhirup Halder

Abhirup Halder grew up in Kolkata, arguably the cultural capital
of India. In his formative years, he got swept away by the strength of Cinema as a medium, and has been trying to dissect the craft ever since. He got exposed to Cinematography and Editing while making curriculum films at his institute.  In 2018, he collaborated to make his first feature film (Khyapa) where he worked as associate director, cinematographer & editor.

Raunaq Das

Raunaq Das, born and brought up in Kolkata, deviated from his
science stream after higher education. Starting off as a writer and director of fictions, he developed interest in documentaries. Since then he has been editing documentaries and writing scripts for various directors.



Raunaq Das :    dasraunaq@gmail.com

Abhirup Halder :    h.abhirup@gmail.com