The Hissing of Summer Sands (Catarina Mourão) Portugal

The Hissing of Summer Sands
Catarina Mourão
Portugal.  2018.  18 min

“The whistle man” was a typical character of the portuguese sea-side during the Fascist Portugal.  His story has so many versions that he has become a myth:  A poor crazy man who lost his baby girl, a professional homeless who lived from the charity of rich families, a pedofile or a summer father Christmas. His whistle announced his arrival and attracted boys and girls or made them run away. Last year I found 30 seconds of footage of this man which until then was just a memory. Is he more real now?


She studied Music, Law and Film (MA Bristol University). In 1998 she was a founder of Apordoc, Portuguese Documentary Association and started teaching Film and Documentary in 2000. In 2000 with another filmmaker (Catarina Alves Costa) started Laranja Azul, an independent production company for creative documentary and visual arts in Lisbon.



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