The Night of the Agama (Tomáš Janácek) Czech Republic

The Night of Agama
Tomáš Janáček
Czech Republic.  2018.  33 min

Radka, together with her little daughter, a suitcase and a gym bag, gets off a bus. Down the streets of the same city, Ludek is taking his time going home, aware that nobody is waiting for him there. For a couple of hours before dawn, what was meant to be a fateful connection with one purpose only might resemble a family.

Tomáš Janáček

Tomáš Janáček is finishing his studies at the directing department at FAMU (Prague).  He published articles about film and used to work as an assistant director of David Jarab in his Theatrical work.  Aside from his own projects he work as a script analyst for Czech TV and pre-selector for Karlovy Vary IFF.