The Sky is Partly Cloudy (Joydeep Mukherjee) India

The Sky is Partly Cloudy
Joydeep Mukherjee
India.  2020.  105 min

The film connects apparently disconnected stories of two men who have lost their way of life as a consequence of unexpected lockout or closure of factory.  Rasomoy Bagchi used to work in a Jute mill as a labor until his factory announces an unexpected Lockout.  Life of Rasomoy, his wife and daughter was shattered all of a sudden. Another story unfolds 7-8 years later.  Anirban Sarkar a brilliant student of University has to leave his study midway to search a job to support his family when his father’s factory declares lockout and he becomes jobless. Despite of being capable he fails to secure a respectable job for himself due to corrupted political system.  Then suddenly one day Rasomoy and Anirban two perplexed men come across in a bus.


Joydeep Mukherjee is an independent film maker and screenwriter from Kolkata, India. He completed his Masters in Business Management from University of Calcutta, India. Presently, he is a Guest Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher in University of Calcutta. He studied film making from Chitrabani, Kolkata. He directed two short films ‘Education Opens the Door’ and ‘A Pair of Shoes’ which were critically acclaimed in many film festivals. ‘Akash Ongshoto Meghla’ (The Sky is Partly Cloudy) is his debut feature film. He also penned the screenplay for the film.




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