Kadakh (Rajat Kapoor) India. Official Section

Rajat Kapoor
India.  2018.  96 min

Sunil is home alone when the doorbell rings. The stranger at the door introduces himself as the husband of Chhaya – a woman that Sunil is having an affair with.  The guest immediately asks many uncomfortable questions about their affair, becoming more and more intrusive. The situation is already incredibly tense and then the man pulls out a gun from his bag and aims it straight at Sunil. Pretty soon a shot rings out and the wall is splattered with blood. And that is just the beginning.

In a few minutes Sunil’s wife will be home as well as a number of family and friends, all there to celebrate the biggest festival of the year in India – Diwali, a festival of light.

Celebrated Indian director Rajat Kapoor, who also wrote the script and appears in a guest role, delivers a fast-paced dark comedy lead by a strong ensemble.  Every character here is memorable and fascinating, and the dialogue shines.

“Kadakh” is about relationships, about marriage and all the secrets we keep from each other.  How well do we know the people closest to us?  Would we even want to know everything?  And once we do, can we live with that knowledge?


Resultado de imagen de Rajat Kapoor) India

Rajat Kapoor  is an Indian actor, writer and director born in 1961. Kapoor was born in Delhi, India. As a teenager he would watch films with his family and decided to become a filmmaker at the age of 14. He mainly focused on acting at first.  In 1983 he joined the theatre group Chingari in Delhi, later moving to Pune to attend the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).




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