Sea is Shaking (Nikita Tuzov) Russia

Sea is Shaking
Nikita Tuzov
Russia.  2019.  46 min

Murmansk is the city behind The Arctic Circle. It is cold, windy and brutal. It is a city where the polar night lasts at least 40 days and not much sunlight during the year. It is a city where people’s lives connected to the sea uncompromisingly. This documentary is filled with interviews of sailors’ and citizens who loves their region and never going to leave it. You will see how the fishing goes during the storm in the Barents Sea and you will meet the wonderful nature of Murmansk region.


Nikita Tuzov

Nikita Tuzov is a businessman, lives in Murmansk, married.  The whole family is connected with the fishing industry and the changes that it is undergoing in recent years, he is very concerned. Sea Is Shaking is a debut work for Nikita.



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