Burning (V S Sanoj) India

V S Sanoj
India.  18 min.  2018

The film follows a conversation between two young women, brought together by bizarre social realities, at a funeral ghat in Varanasi,(Banaras) India.The film is about how they meet and what they talk about in that short span of time. What we try to capture is how these two young hapless women, subjugated to myriad forms of emotional violence from patriarchy, share in brief sentences their plight and build an instant bond and understand each other like a long-known friends and how that kinship pains them even more. At a godforsaken ghat.


Resultado de imagen de Burning (V. S. Sanoj)

Journalist and political columnist in India.
Based in Uttar Pradesh. Belongs to Kerala, South India.
Burning got indian panorama selection at IFFI 2018.