Mrinal Sen, an era in cinema (Rajdeep Paul) India

Mrinal Sen, an Era in Cinema
Rajdeep Paul
India.  35 min.  2017

A biographical documentary that tries to decode the layers of political ideology, which have been the cornerstone of auteur Mrinal Sen’s cinematic expression. Inspired by Satyajit Ray and Italian neorealismo, Sen, a forerunner of the Indian New-Wave used a range of aesthetic styles to explore the socio-political climate of his times.


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Rajdeep Paul is an independent filmmaker and writer, an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), India and recipient of the National Film Award from the Honourable President of India for the feature length documentary film “At the Crossroads Nondon Bagchi Life and Living” at the 61st National Film Awards 2013.

He has written and directed several documentary films, short fiction films, PSA, Animation and New Media films etc and has worked with both international and national producers of repute like PBS & ShowOfForce, USA, Native Voices, UK, Films Division, Doordarshan, Prasar Bharti & Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Aurora Film Corporation, Krish Movies etc from India. His debut feature film script “The Biryani Seller” has undergone mentorship in the first edition of Mumbai Mantra Cinerise Screenwriting Programme 2014-15 from the likes of Michael Radford, Audrey Wells, Sebastian Cordero, Sriram Raghavan and Anjum Rajabali, and was one of the 18 official selections in NFDC Film Bazaar Co-Production Market 2016. In most of his works he has collaborated with Sarmistha Maiti as co-writer and co-director.
Apart from his film career, he has written two books “3 on a Bed – Contemporary Indian Novellas” and “Davyaprithvi – Heaven on Earth” both published in 2013.


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