Lima (H.Agustriansyah, L.Amaria, A.Dewo, T.Pramesti, S. Siregar, A. Fahriansyah) Indonesia

Harvan Agustriansyah, Lola Amaria, Adriyanto Dewo,
Tika Pramesti, Shalahuddin Siregar, Agha Fahriansyah
Indonesia. 110 min.  2018

Fara, Aryo and Adi recently lost their mother, Maryam. How Maryam was buried provoked a debate among her three kids since Maryam is a Muslim. Although it seems that the conflict has been solved, there are some things that are still a problem. Fara, who is a swimming coach, always chooses which athletes should be sent to the national trainings. However, he cannot do it without facing the challenges from the club owner. Despite the students never questioned him because of his skin color, Adi, who is usually harassed by his classmates, sees an inhuman event. Ayro, must deal with the inheritance issues since he is the firstborn and Jjah is obligated to come back home to require justice.

Harvan Agustriansyah

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Harvan Agustriansyah graduated from the Arts Institute of Jakarta and he did his debut in 2006 with the short film “Sepeda” which was nominated as Best Short Indonesian Film in the Film Festival of 2007 and elected as Best Fiction Short Film in the Film ITB Festival of Ganesha 2008. He participated in the horror film Hi5teria: five stories of five directors, which was projected in the Korean Festival of Puncheon of 2012. In 2016, he wrote, directed and produced “Pangreh”, which was nominated in more than 30 cinema festivals locally and internationally. The next year he got Best Short Film Award at the 4th International Festival of Short Films of Chennai (India), in the International Shared View Short Film Festival (Romania) and in the Peace Film Festival of Asia 2017 (Islamabad, Pakistan).


Resultado de imagen de lima harvan agustriansyah


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