DNA of Wild Beasts (Delphine Montaigne) France

DNA of Wild Beasts
Delphine Montaigne
France. 2017. 18 min

Along her team, the “36′, Lea, commander of operation, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes, and is one the top on the French police force.
Protected and connected by their invisible bonds, weaknesses and solidarity is in their DNA.
24 hours in the life of Lea, member of the elite forces, but also a daughter and a woman.


Born in Lyons. Trained in drama arts in Nice and Paris, France.
Delphine Montaigne has been a comedian since age 13.
Commercials, documentaries, she has spoken a thousand voices and has incarnated just as many characters. She enjoys the subtle reassurance and tranquillity of backstage and dubbing studios.
She switches universes, from stages, to sets, to mikes, and has always done so.
She never stopped working, in other words, never stopped playing.
Encounters and opportunities have progressively drawn new projects. One of  which was all about exploring human beings’ relationships dynamics. An obvious focus for an artist.
Her growing interest for strange and fascinating reactions of her peers led to another venture in her life. In 2016 directing movies just happened, or so it seemed.
Since then the actress directed two films and is now writing two more.