Sealed Cargo (Julia Vargas-Weise) Bolivia

Sealed Cargo
Julia Vargas-Weise
Bolivia. 2015. 104 min.
Cast:  Daniela Lema, Luís Bredow.

Sealed load, is a thriller based on real facts that raise a political and ecological theme, that of toxic waste transferred from the great powers to the so-called third world. A mysterious load of so-called toxic minerals appears in the andean plain alerting the population. The government charged an ambitious police captain with the secret mission to get rid of them, disregarding their fate. With a burden police group and an anarchist machinist, the routine journey becomes a wandering and tragic journey.

Julia Vargas-Weise (Cochabamba, 1942) is a photographer, but also a screenwriter and film director. She studied photography at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Switzerland. Her 40 years of experience in the audiovisual area have earned her numerous awards as a photographer, scriptwriter and director, and national and international awards. She has lectured at universities and professional and popular training workshops. She has published a book of his photographs exposed in Europe, USA and Latin America and has spread his works of film and video in festivals, alternative and commercial circuits.

In 1991 she began as a short filmmaker, and has actively participated in Latin American video movements and has attended numerous national and international festivals.

In 2004 she released her first feature film, Esito would be … a choral drama framed in the lavish carnival of Oruro, while Patricia, once enough (2005) is a 63 minute film intended for HIV prevention, through the drama of a young man who must confront and assume his condition of being a carrier of the virus.