Trapped in Japan
Vivienne Barry
Chile. 2015. 70 min.

This is a documentary that focuses on the experience of six chilean journalists who after a trip to Japan in 1941 were trapped in the country in the middle of World War II, a situation that transformed them into war correspondents with active participation of record during the bombings. Carlos Barry Silva, father of the director and at that time a reporter for the newspaper El Chileno, is one of the protagonists of this legendary history of national journalism.

Vivienne Barry

Vivienne Barry is director of animated film, journalist and magister in Literature by the University of Chile. After the coup d’état of 1973 she leaves the country and moves to the (then) German Democratic Republic. In the city of Dresden she learns animated films and between 1976 and 1978 she works at DEFTA Trickfilm Studio in Dresden. Her specialties include stop motion, animation of plastilines, cut papers and collages. Returning to Chile in 1980 she works in advertising animation and begins to develop her first personal works. She has an extensive experience as a teacher and workshop director in Chile, Mexico, France and Cuba. She has been a jury at international festivals such as Prix Jeunesse, Slovak Prix Danube, Harlequin in Poland and Annecy, the most important in the world of animation, among many others. She has done extensive work in animations for chilean television that have been awarded internationally with the Prix Jeunesse and in various competitions. She is currently President of ASIFA, International Animation Film Association.