The Devil (K. Prada , J. Prada) Spain

The Devil
K. Prada , J. Prada
Spain. 2015. 3 min.

The Devil is a story about the encounter with the Devil.

K. Prada and J. Prada are two prolific short filmmakers. Although they have flirted with different genres and styles, his work shows a special interest in the fantastic. Terrifying and comical are often joined in his films. As usually occurs when we are dealing with the work of two directors who work together, it is questionable whether each of them provides a certain approach. The chances are that we never know if the same thing happens with the Prada brothers, does not seem to enter into their plans to launch alone. Alternating “cheap” productions shot in record time with professional films of impeccable work, K and J Prada have obtained more than three hundred selections and several prizes in national and international festivals. Like other directors born in the mid-1980s, the Prada have absorbed eclectic influences: from the classics essential to every movie buff, to B-series films, to TV, to comic and to home video. Perhaps to that unease to prove everything, absorbing multiple references, referred the title of the retrospective that the festival of Sitges dedicated to them: “In search of the perfect plane”. “Humans with Potatoes”, “Road Station” and “Anorexia” are some of the most recognized titles of his extensive filmography. And what they have left. The Prada are a regular presence in Notodofilmfest.