Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar (Aman Kaleem) India (PSBT)

Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar
Aman Kaleem
India. 2015. 27 min.

Shaadi, sex, aur Parivaar explores the institution of marriage through the lens of three indian brides. It is based on the individual decisions of women regarding marriage and how the thoughts behind these decisions change their lives. The film focuses on four of women’s thoughts regarding body image, sexuality, love and identity and how social expectations influence their freedom. Also one of the four characters in the film, Aman Kaleem, talks about cinema and how essential it comes from honesty. This documentary has been screened at the Open Cinema Festival and PSBT Forum.

Aman Kaleem

Aman Kaleem is a filmmaker based in New Delhi and graduated in Mass Communication by AJKMCRC. She loves telling stories about women and their daily dilemmas. Her characters evolve as a reflection of the women she has interacted with while growing up in ten different cities across India. Making movies about women is the way to find their own voice through collective narratives. He has actively participated in the creation of alternative discourses through his films in the regions of political conflict, Kashmir and Northeast. She has been programmer of the International Film Festival of India, the biggest and oldest festival in Asia. She has also taught at the Muslim University of Aligarh. She has been awarded the Young India Fellowship in 2013. Her latest film Eidiyaan won numerous international and national awards and Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar is her first independent documentary.