The Tiger Hunter (Lena Khan) Official Section

The Tiger Hunter
Lena Khan
USA.  2016.  94 min.
Cast:   Danny Pudi, Rizwan Manji, Jon Heder.

Lena Khan was inspired by the stories of her father and other immigrants when they first went to America to write this story that reflects the process of immigrants to strike the balance between their cultural traditions and the diversity of American society . It is the story of a young Indian who moves to Chicago in the seventies to become an engineer, but when his work falls, resort to a farce made with maladaptive friends to attract their love of childhood.


Lena Khan graduated summa cum laude and received degrees in political sciences and history from the University of California, Los Angeles. Then she graduated from UCLA‘s prestigious Theater, Film and Television School and spent several years directing short films, commercials and music videos for international artists such as Maher Zain, while adding experience in major producers such as Participant Media (SYRIANA, THE HELP). Her films and videos have received more than 30 million hits on YouTube, won movie festivals, have been broadcast all over the world and seen from universities to international embassies. Lena has been featured in USA Today, Teen Vogue, The New York Times and other magazines. She won Sony Entertainment Television’s South Asian Excellence Award for her contributions to entertainment, and now she’s making movies that appeal to social issues but in an entertaining and engaging way.
For the film The Tiger Hunter, her feature film debut, she used a platform of crowfunding between the communities of South Asia and Muslims