Taandro, a film of Samten Bhutia

TAANDRO (Nepal) 2015

Director:  Samten Bhutia
Music:  Aadha Sur
Producer:  Satish Kumar Gautam
Cast:  Dayahang Rai, Rajan Khatiwada, Buddhi Tamang
Script:  Samten Bhutia, Upendra Subba

Koshish is a member of an underground Maoist group that is battling the Government of Nepal to overthrow the monarchy and establish a republic. He specifically belongs to the cultural wing of the outfit, which consists of troops that go from village to village and spread awareness among the poor, uneducated masses about their rights. It is in effect the propaganda wing of the guerilla outfit. Koshish is leading an unarmed cultural troop on an awareness program in the village of Chailung, in the western district of Lamjung.

Right after they finish the program, which consists of skits, songs and dances that glorify their movement, they are ambushed by the then Royal Nepalese Army. In the ensuing melee, most of the troop escape, but one of Koshish’s comrades, and an innocent village girl are killed and he himself is shot in his left leg. He manages to escape into a nearby field where he hides out from the army. The next few days are a fight for survival for Koshish. He has to deal with the physical pain of his horrific wound, and the painful memories of the past. And on top of that, the villagers discover him and are upset because they think he is also to blame for the death of one of their own. It is going to take unexpected kindness on the part of strangers, loyalty of his comrades and sheer will power for Koshish to come out of this dire situation alive.



Samten Bhutia is an Indian film director and writer from Sikkim. He has been actively involved in Nepalese film industry over the last decade. He recently directed Taandro which was screened at many International film festivals. His first film Latter  was well received by people from Nepal and India.  He also acted in a short film, Myth.

Filmography :
(2016)  Anaagat – feature film
(2015)  Taandro – Deciphering Me – feature film
(2012)  In Search of Nation – feature film (associate director)
(2009)  Letter (Nepal) – feature film
(2003)  Masked Fair – short film
(2003)  Naango Dhad (Sikkim) – tele film
(2000)  Naya Disha – documentary
Letter (Nepali)
Naango Dhad (Sikkim)
Masked Fair (Sikkim)
Luv Sab (Nepali)
Aadha Antya (Nepali)
Taandro (Nepali)
(2004)  Mero Uthney Palo – feature film (Nepali)
(2003)  Myth – short film (English)
Production Design
(2015) Jhumki – feature film (Nepal)
(2012) In Search of Nation – feature film (Nepal)