Keeper of swing (Andrea Barrionuevo) Spain

Keeper of swing
Andrea Barrionuevo
Spain. 2016. 61 min

For over forty years located inside a University Halls of Residence in Madrid, existed an important and influential venue for music, art and culture, known as “El Johnny”. This documentary is a trip through memory lane of “El Johnny” as seen by Alejandro Reyes.

Andrea Barrionuevo. Besides studying a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication and a Masters in Management of the Film Industry in 2015 at the Carlos III University, Andrea had international experience in the field of
production in different companies such as EGEDA US ( in Los Angeles and Miami) , Malevolo (Madrid) , Future Films and Hanway Films in London. In 2013 she created with Marta Longás her own production company where they make their own projects. Currently she combines her work in Pocket Rocket Films with her position as production assistant in Morena Films. ” Keeper of Swing ” is her debut as a producer as well as a director .