Csillagosok, katonák (The red and the white)

Csillagosok, katonák
Hungary. 1967. 90 min
Cast:  József Madaras, Tibor Molnár, András Kozák.

Venue :  Spanish Film Institute
26 may Tuesday.  21.40

In 1919, Hungarian Communists aid the Bolsheviks’ defeat of Czarists, the Whites. Near the Volga, a monastery and a field hospital are held by one side then the other. Captives are executed or sent running naked into the woods. Neither side has a plan, and the characters that the camera picks out soon die.
A White Cossack officer kills a Hungarian and is executed by his own superiors when he tries to rape a milkmaid. At the hospital, White officers order nurses into the woods, dressed in finery, to waltz. A nurse aids the Reds, then they accuse her of treason for following White orders. Red soldiers walk willingly, singing, into an overwhelming force. War seems chaotic and arbitrary.